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About BreAnn

I am BreAnn Mueller, a passionate designer with a positive attitude, a genuine personality, artistic nature, a strong eye for detail, exceptional communication skills, and limitless energy. I grew up and earned my Bachelor's degree in the chilly tundra of Wisconsin, then relocated to beautiful Los Angeles to advance my personal and professional development.

I am passionate about web and digital design and front end programming (I love coding just as much as I love creativity!), but have a wide-ranged background including print design, marketing & promotion, photography, photo retouching, copywriting, researching, teaching, planning, and more!

In my personal life, I am EXTREMELY active (hiking, choreographed hip hop dancing, kickboxing, running, and more!) and have an exceptional love of travel: I've lived in Spain, Finland, Thailand, and South Africa; and in 2013 I spent an entire year circling the globe on a round-the-world trip.

I'm friendly, energetic, genuine, honest, passionate, social, open minded, versatile, and always up for a new challenge!

My Services

Web Design & Development

I specialize in website design and development, and LOVE front-end programming just as much as designing kickass digital elements! I also can design and code blog websites, html emails, social media graphics, display ads, and more!

Print Design

I pride myself on my extreme attention to detail when it comes to print layout, spacing, and creating beautiful works of art. I specialize in brochure design, flyers, print advertisements, program books, newsletters, logos, banners, and more!

Photo Manipulation

I LOVE working with photographs to improve and alter them in any and every way possible! I specialize in photo retouching & restoration, digital body slimming (used as a motivational tool for those who need weight loss inspiration), and digital art.

I've got skills!

I'm equally skilled & have passion in both designing AND programming

Programming experience includes HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, bootstrap, PHP, ASP, Wordpress, Squarespace, and more.
Software experience includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Sublime Text, Unbounce, Active Campaign, After Effects, Premiere, Avid, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and MapPoint), and more.











My Work


Postcards Magazine -
New Zealand Ad

One-Page Print Ad

Travelscene New Zealand Luxury Campaign

Landing Page & Display Ads

"Sketch Man"

Digital Art

Islands In The Sun - New Zealand & Fiji Airways Campaign

Landing Page & Display Ads

Islands In The Sun "Free Fiji" Eblast

html email

CresaPartners Tenant Report

html email

23 Shades Upcoming Tour Dates

html email

Escorted Touring

8 Page Brochure

Qantas Vacations Senior Grad Trip

Landing Page & Flyer

Cresa Sublease Flyers


Synergy Skin Care

Social Media Graphics

Cresa Roll-Up Banners

Conference Materials

Morning Madness Tshirt

Tshirt Design

Digital Body Slimming - Shannon

Weight Loss Inspiration


Photo Retouching

Ultimate Travel Wish List

8 Page Brochure

Qantas Vacations - Australia Campaign

Social Media Campaign

BreAnn Around The World

Blog Design & Wordpress Development

Amazing Thailand

Travel Flyers

"Wonder Woman Conversion"

Digital Art

Qantas Vacations Sydney Special

html email

Grace Management Inc.

Website/Blog Design & Development

Islands In The Sun - Exclusive Amenity Collection

Landing Page

Pizza Studio Social Media Graphics

Facebook Ads & Cover Photo

Destination Bliss Ad

Two-Page Print Ad


Photo Retouching

Invest in Romance 2016

8 Page Brochure

Travelscene Cruise Specials

html email

Invest in Romance 2015

8 Page Brochure


Photo Retouching

NOS 2015


Mexico Roadshow

Travel Flyers

"Over the Rainbow"

Digital Art

Digital Body Slimming - Carrie

Weight Loss Inspiration

1927 Family Photo Revival

Photo Resortation

Tammy Horton Photography

Social Media Graphics

CresaPartners Las Vegas Conference

Conference Booklet & Signs

Digital Body Slimming - Shaun

Weight Loss Inspiration


Jackie Berger, Marketing Executive:

If there is anyone that deserves a recommendation it would be BreAnn. [When] BreAnn joined our team I was absolutely amazed at how quickly she picked everything up. I had the pleasure of working with her on several projects - from the creation of e-blasts, ads, 8 page flyers, banners- anything and everything related to graphic design. Not only does BreAnn possess a natural creative ability producing beautiful pieces of artwork, she also has a very positive attitude, extreme attention to detail, and a very strong work ethic. Any company [or client] would be lucky to have her.

Jackie Maslowski, Business Systems Manager:

BreAnn has many, many strengths. Aside from being a good, ethical, and very likeable person, her most pertinent strengths are her technical skills, her design skills, her creativity, her organizational skills, her leadership skills, her high level of perfectionism, and her ability to accept constructive criticism of her work without letting her ego stand in the way.

BreAnn is an ideal coworker – everyone in our organization loved her, yet she was able to strike a balance between friendship and work – meaning that although she fostered interpersonal relationships, she never let those get in the way of actually getting her work done. Given the opportunity, she is an effective and successful leader; and she is always a team player.

I was her supervisor from 2007 – 2012. Nearly every project or responsibility I gave BreAnn was a success story. [Each] project would be completed on time, it would be highly thought out, and extremely creative.

BreAnn always managed crises, pressure, and stressful situations with the utmost grace and professional demeanor. She would always go the extra mile and put in the extra time to meet a deadline, and she understood how to prioritize her work to adapt to a firedrill situation. She also communicated diligently with me (as her supervisor) and made sure all of her bases were covered no matter what crisis we were involved in.

I would absolutely hire her if I were in a position to do so. In fact, I wouldn’t really want to hire anyone else.

Deborah Carr, Story Editor/ Writer:

We came to BreAnn with a concept for a documentary film website that would serve as both an informational source and retail marketplace. Throughout the process, BreAnn offered functionality suggestions to improve the overall experience for the user. She executed our design ideas efficiently and when challenged, researched and experimented until a solution was found. She is hard-working, personable, creative and singularly focused on getting it RIGHT. You will be very pleased if you hire BreAnn.

Justine Cooper, Vice President Marketing:

BreAnn is an exceptionally talented designer. Her obvious passion for what she does transcends into the beautiful work she produces. She has a unique ability to translate strategy into her design. BreAnn is mature and professional and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending BreAnn to future employers or clients.

Jennifer Yamamoto, Graphic Designer:

BreAnn is a phenomenal person to work with. She takes every part of a project seriously and takes into consideration what is needed to make it complete. Must say that her attention to detail is top notch. It was always helpful to get a second opinion/look when I had my own projects to complete.

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